About Us

Fuzhou sensitive Yuan tickets network is by Chengdu city business sector registered of agent international domestic tickets business of aviation service points, this company can directly provides Fuzhou tickets, and Fuzhou discount tickets, and Fuzhou international tickets, and Fuzhou specials tickets, and Fuzhou tickets query, and Fuzhou tickets query network, and Fuzhou tickets reservation, foreign more than 50 more than airlines of discount tickets, tickets sales service and the related aviation travel information of advisory service. Companies have the most comprehensive international and domestic air ticket reservation system, ticket booking operations professional team to provide you with timely perfect service.

since the company's inception, with talents and management advantages, combined with flexible operation and very competitive prices, together with the joint efforts of all staff, professional services and, has become a shining star in the aviation industry.

in the practice of many years of work, we have a lot of large enterprises and units, government ministries, foreign trading companies, universities, research institutes, civil society organizations, immigration, student service agency   provides long-term, personal air travel services. And became the only designated ticket suppliers by some multinational companies (the Sole Supplier). We and dozens of airlines and the industry's long-term cooperation to form a closer partnership. For me these are   When you travel, especially in the high season seat is tight, guaranteed seats and the provision of concessionary fares and laid a solid foundation.

in this rapidly developing information era, as a young company, we strive to improve. We use high quality, honest and efficient service to own customers  ; We focus on corporate culture, the use of modern logistics management system, e-commerce market. Because professional, so we do it better!