What is e-ticket?
E-tickets are paper tickets in electronic form, the coupon information is stored in an electronic ticket reservation system, can perform like a paper ticket ticket, void, refund, change, moved to check operation. At present, it as the world's most advanced form of ticketing, relying on the modern information technology to achieve paperless, electronic booking, billing and opportunity for handling the whole process, bring convenience to passengers and airlines to reduce costs.
Compared with traditional paper tickets and electronic ticketing has obvious advantages. It need not be as time-consuming as traditional booking methods, not subject to ticket outlets working time limit. That is easier for travelers and for airlines to reduce costs. Even if you are just in different places through the Internet, electronic tickets are accessible, as well as any procedure such as rescheduling of flights. No longer have a traditional ticket if you lose or do not carry concerns will not be able to Board.
How the e-ticket boarding and claims
1. e-ticket boarding and reimbursement with valid documents get your boarding pass at the machine counter
2. with valid travel documents and boarding passes through security and smooth boarding.
3. guests can buy tickets to print the itinerary as reimbursement (formerly e-ticket reimbursement require T4 guest and boarding pass as reimbursement, are indispensable, and one single trip, you can now directly as a financial expense)
E-ticket with the purchase of paper tickets difference
-Before-buying traditional paper tickets:
Each time you fly before going out to call airline ticket flight, tickets, make money, ticket, wait for the airfares, ready to cash in one hand ... ..., time and effort! When you learn needs to fly tomorrow morning field and ticket outlets have to leave work, when you want to take the plane will take off in 90 minutes and you haven't bought the tickets when you are offsite require rescheduling of flights, higher long distance charges and cumbersome process to amend that bugs you annoying do?
Now-to purchase electronic ticket:  as long as you are using air travel network to provide you with electronic ticket services, it will have its own air ticket service center, does not feel the same way, no need to wait, relaxed boarding! Without an electronic ticket distribution, after buying, in counter with a valid certificate get your boarding pass, with valid ID and boarding pass you can order Board. Just submitted an application for changing the by telephone or on the Internet, less than 10 minutes of waiting for your tickets easily rescheduled. Other airlines also introduced a special ticket for electronic tickets, provide you with the best way to save on travel costs.
E-ticket refund, rescheduling
Applications: customers who have postponed or refund needs to call customer service telephone 0591-83356994 or call customer service, submit your application for a refund, rescheduling.
Ticket confirmed: customer service upon receipt of customer applications for inspection within 10 minutes after your ticket has not been used and the itinerary is printed.
Back to processing: sure the ticket has not been used and after the itinerary has not been printed, our customer service will return as the airlines to change provisions provide you a ticket refund and rescheduling services. If the itinerary has been printed, and need to be returned to the itinerary before they can apply for.
Ticket refund: we are at the beginning of each month a collective for months before applying for refund services user's ticket refund, cancellation charges we will have deducted the fare refunded to your bank account, Email or phone the customer queries has been credited into account.