Flight Guide
1. What is aircraft?
Any can be obtained from the reaction of air in the atmosphere support machines that aircraft. Reaction without acting on the ground here. Aircraft including balloons, airships, gliders, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, but mainly refers to the fixed-wing aircraft.
2. the price on a plane?
You want to know how much you value your plane? It depends on what type of aircraft you sit. Present on the international market, a Boeing 737 plane costs more than 30 million dollars; Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft worth more than US $ 100 million; more expensive Boeing 747 and 777 aircraft, were more than $ 100 million, or more than 1 billion yuan. As the number of requirements for the aircraft, and now, some aircraft are leased to air transport companies in China. Leasing of a Boeing 737 aircraft cheaper, cost up to $ 10,000 a day.
3. aircraft nationality and registration marks and spraying position
China Civil Aviation aircraft nationality and registration marks, by the nationality marks (the Latin letter b) and registration marks (Latin after several Arabic numerals or Arabic numerals). There is a short connector between the two, such as B707-2455. B707 aircraft name 2455 is the aircraft registration mark. Marking spray position: fixed-wing aircraft nationality and registration marks of spraying in the wings and fuselage on either side or both sides of the vertical fin between tail and lower surface of the upper surface of the wing, the left wing; Rotary-wing aircraft sprayed on the tail side or both sides of the vertical fin. Air China aircraft appropriate draws a red flag on the front of the aircraft.
4. upper air turbulence is?
High up in the wind, wind, wind direction and wind speed in a rapidly changing, air with up and down movement, aircraft will produce a strong vibrations, bumps, Trent called high altitude stream. Turbulence, invisible to the radar undetectable, known only to the plane entered turbulence. This kind of turbulence is seasonal, usually by heat transfer heat, cold or hot seasons, hot and cold air meet, they formed this turbulent friction.