Flight Guide
Tobacco and alcohol:
From Hong Kong and Macao area of passenger (including Hong Kong and Macao passenger and Mainland for private to Hong Kong and Macao area visits of tourism, passenger), can duty-free carry cigarettes 200 support or 50 support or tobacco 250 grams, wine a bottle (not over 0.75 rose); day roundtrip or short-term within times from Hong Kong and Macao area of passenger, can duty-free carry 40 support or 5 support or tobacco 40 grams, no duty-free with wine; other entry passenger can duty-free carry cigarettes 400 support or cigar 100 support or tobacco 500 grams, wine 2 bottle (not over 1.5 rose).
Travel articles:
Non-resident visitors and visiting country or region resident passengers carry a re-entry visa travel articles limited cameras, portable radio and tape recorders, mini cameras, portable video cameras, portable word processor for each one. Out of range, be truthful declaration to the Customs and the relevant procedures. Travel articles for release by the customs, when passengers on the return trip taken abroad.
Gold, silver and its products:
Passenger carrying gold, silver and its products should be limited to use a reasonable number of entry, with more than 500 grams, should complete the Declaration documents, customs declarations; taken when nuclear number of declarations of entry for the customs of the time.
Carried or checked out in China buying gold, silver and its products (including mosaic ornaments, utensils, new crafts), Customs cargo examination by the people's Bank of China issued the "special invoice" release.