Flight Guide
Passengers (domestic)
Seats: passengers on domestic flights, in accordance with the relevant provisions to the airline or its sales agent to book their seats at all URBTIX outlets. Finalize seating passengers should be provided in the carrier or within the prescribed time limits in advance-purchase tickets. If not specified or within the prescribed time limits in advance-purchase tickets, seats will be abolished. No tickets on a regular basis to finalize seat before use.
Purchased votes: China passenger purchased votes, must provides I identity card or other effective identity documents, and fill in passenger set seat single; foreign passenger, and overseas, and Hong Kong, and o, and Taiwan compatriots purchased votes, must provides effective passport, and home card, and Taiwan compatriots card, and residence permit, and travel card or police organ issued of other effective identity documents, and fill in passenger set seat single. Seat confirmation: passenger seats or round trip ticket, such as staying in the place of the connecting or return for more than 72 hours, connecting or return flight the aircraft two days before departure before 12 o'clock noon, go through the seat confirmation procedures. Otherwise, the original seats not be retained. As passengers arrived connecting or return time of flight departure time not more than 72 hours, you do not need to apply for a seat confirmation procedures.
Tickets: tickets for registered only listed the names of the passenger on the ticket shall not be transferred and altered or invalid tickets, ticket is not refundable. International and domestic tickets, and domestic connecting flight coupons can be used connecting domestic flight segments, do not need to change into a domestic ticket passengers international ticket purchased outside the country's domestic air ticket, should change into our domestic ticket to use. Regular ticket only applies to tickets marked with flight dates and flights. Ticket validity: domestic transport tickets are valid for one year. Ticket since the date on which the passenger to travel on a regular basis, not regular ticket ticket ticket next day at 0 o'clock of the offeree.
Children's tickets: has two children under the age of 12 years on 50% of adult full fare ticket. Infants under two years of age 10% of adult full fare tickets, exclusive not only a seat. Each adult passenger can have a baby-and enjoy the fare. Passenger fares: passenger fares shall mean passenger air transport from place of departure to the airport to meet the airport fare does not include ground transportation costs between the airport and the urban areas.