Flight Guide
Passengers occupying seats in the cabin luggage (such as valuables and fragile) for baggage, seat-luggage weight may not exceed 75 kg, and no free baggage allowance.
Declared value
When the value of the passenger's checked baggage exceeds RMB 50 Yuan per kg (domestic shipping), $ 20 (international transport) maximum indemnity limit, the passenger has the right to demand higher compensation, it must be in checked baggage when baggage declared value and pay the declared value surcharge. Handle the declared value of baggage, such as losses caused by the carrier in transit, the carrier in accordance with declared value compensation for passengers. Every passenger's baggage declared value maximum of RMB 8000. The declared value of baggage shall not exceed the value of the luggage itself, such as carrier for the declared value of objection when passengers refused to be searched, the carrier is entitled to refuse collection.