Xiamen airlines first class lounge won "top ten service outlets" title

: located at the Fuzhou Changle international airport of Xiamen airlines first class lounge.

     civil aviation resource NET, March 26, 2010: on March 24, from Fujian Strait metropolis daily, Fujian province, China Enterprise Evaluation Association sponsored "staged a special operations--the first ' top ten service points ' selection" is officially the results. Located at the Fuzhou Changle international airport of Xiamen Airlines (Xiamen Airlines Ltd., referred to as "Xiamen Airlines") first class lounge, with nine other service window at the same time, Fuzhou City won the "top ten service points".

to strive to create personalized, boutique and high-end service brand, Xiamen airlines in September 2009 at the Fuzhou airport terminal add a first class lounge on the third floor, is primarily responsible for high-end visitors to provide advice, buy tickets, arrange beforehand, Terminal, boarding and baggage claim, such as full personalized service.

the new first class lounge on September 6, 2009. In order to improve the level of service, Xiamen airlines Fuzhou Branch etiquette the Lounge staff training and education, and actively seek the views of passengers, constantly improving service. Guests can enjoy dining in the lounge, casual Internet entertainment, "one to one" Guide, far-seat shuttle bus was accompanied by guest, great tickets, the processing cards and other services. Lounge for guests to provide hot food and a wide range of exquisite Dim sum, fruit, often replacing meals snacks recipes, snacks and is equipped with features of Fuzhou, making passengers feel personalized service. While, lounge using ground resources of advantage, itself development has high-end passenger service information system, developed has "high-end passenger service information system operation process", through on high-end passenger service information (as machine Shang seat preferences, and beverage taste, and boarding order) for collection, constantly perfect passenger flight information, efforts provides flawless of service, let passenger full enjoy "home away from home" of high quality ground service, feel "home" type service of warm and thoughtful.

as of March 20, has received a letter of commendation 117 passengers in the first class lounge. Shanghai passengers who often writes: "I am frequent visitor to Xiamen airlines, got the silver with 3 years recent Xiamen airlines changes in service left me a very deep impression. VIP hardware upgrade is important, but for those of us regulars, made us the service of the staff warm and smile and kind words. In this cold winter, add some warmth to the weary journey for us. Today I would like to thank Miss Zhao, a member of your staff, but from her appearance and attitude are all services reflect your company management in place, customer-oriented goals. In this new year ahead and wish your business thriving, wide road to fly more. ”