ATPL trainees hundreds

Civil aviation resources network December 30, 2009 message: December 28, kunpeng international flight school (referred to "kunpeng fly school") third period ATPL theory courses courses class, Shenzhen aviation limited responsibility company (Shenzhen Airlines Ltd., referred to "deep Airlines") from abroad flight graduated back of 36 name flight students, will according to kunpeng fly school ATPL theory courses training outline of provides, for 101 hours of theory training. It is understood that the ROC 2 training flying school, exit 93 students.
ATPL airline transport pilot licence is short for Chinese translation for "airline transport pilot license" refers specifically to airline transport pilot license course. According to China Civil Aviation Council (Civil Aviation Administration of China, referred to "Civil Aviation Council") fly standard Division on official enabled advisory notices AC-141-1R1 notification (1666th,), and on do ATPL theory training work of notification (2821), and on implementation Civil Aviation Council do ATPL theory training work requirements of notification (1264th,) Ming biography Telegraph of requirements, in abroad completed flight driving training , Or completion of pilot training and flight training the country's civil aviation authority organized the ATPL theory test pilots after returning home, "since October 1, 2009 the online application to exchange their licenses in China, must provide approved training bodies providing ATPL theoretical training proved otherwise inadmissible. "That is, pilots returning from abroad, renewed China's license, must be approved by the training institutions with the ATPL theoretical training qualifications training and obtained certificates to take an airline transport pilot license examination, by the Council only after the examination to enter airline transport pilot conversion training qualifications.
Kunpeng flying school as early as September 19, 2007 civil aviation pilot school certificate, issued by the central authority, of ATPL course with qualifications. Council about the ATPL training policy was launched, the airline once again feel to start Flight school a unique advantage, zh Shenzhen Airlines base students adequate out of the gate, you can receive professional Orthodox ATPL training and to learn, and very flexible. It is understood that the ROC flying school's first period, phase II of the ATPL theoretical training course on November 2, 2009 to 20th and from November 30 to December 10 in Shenzhen Airlines base. The third period will be closed on January 15, 2010.

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