To promote "manual pilot" building

Civil Aviation resource NET, March 29, 2010: in the just-ended Spring Festival, in the face of high density production of flight tasks and all kinds of bad weather conditions, and Xiamen Airlines (Xiamen Airlines Ltd., referred to as "Xiamen Airlines") pilot a success implementing 14,191 flight safety 23,302 flying hours to ensure flight safety and air security. For a long time, full participation of Department of Xiamen Airlines flight safety management system (SMS) building, the "manual for pilots" construction as an important part of advancing, improving the level of flight safety.
Xiamen airlines General Manager Che Shang round flight team has repeatedly made it clear that "Captain, staff at each of the sessions, each program must operate according to the regulations, according to the book, and to do a manual pilot" requirement, pointing out that "manual for pilots" is the Foundation of ensuring aviation security and responsibility. Security is eternal theme of aviation, in the new circumstances, in order to achieve sustainable security, standard operating procedures, the pilot acted strictly according to the manual, do "manuals pilots" are important.
The so-called "manual for pilots", refers to the modern pilots flying in every action and every touch from normal flight control manual (FCOM), flight training manual (FCTM), quick check list (QRH) maturity of flight techniques such as found in the specification according to, thereby reducing the flight some arbitrary actions, thereby reducing the likelihood of error.
Dooley, Deputy General Manager of the Department of flight briefing, "manual pilot" has a very broad meaning, could rise to safety philosophy and corporate culture with a combination of height and as a goal throughout the total process of pilot training and management. It is understood that in order to promote "manual pilot" building, flying in the fleet management, building regulations, daily monitoring, flight training has done a lot of work.
Enhanced flight staff to improve safety awareness
Thought is the Guide, do a "manual for pilots" must have a high level of security awareness and strict style of flight. Flight Department do "manual pilot" slogan at the same time, according to "a sticker for rules and emphasis on integrity, intensive training to ensure the safety" of safety management guidelines, positive efforts, strengthening the construction of flight. Requiring all pilots to firmly establish in the mind of "safety first" philosophy; in the style of focusing on education, surveillance, rewards and punishments, the four main ways strict management style, leading pilots to develop "is fine, solid, strict," of good style. Meanwhile, to further strengthen the correct values of security, unified security concepts and practices, and constantly improve the monthly safety education system, ongoing safety education activities, timely implementation of new operational policies, standards and procedures, analyze the current security vulnerabilities collected problems existing in the operation. Typical praise, positive publicity in the operation; criticism of disciplinary violations and correct me.
Strengthen the regulatory standards applicable, building a secure long-term mechanism of
Standard is the basis of operation of civil aviation regulations, applicable regulations and standards is the pilot "manual pilot" premise. Flight time perfecting the rules and regulations, detailed, quantitative rules standard, revision of the implementing rules or procedures 38, enhancing the relevance and operability of the standard regulations. Moreover, in order to build long-term safety mechanism, Department of flight safety information management system of the company as a platform, through more active reporting system, establish effective safety communication and feedback, enhanced pilot safety awareness, consciousness and awareness of regulations, while achieving closed-loop management of security information. Data and statistics, 2009 flight captain received a total of 235 of the report of the Ministry, compared with 2008 numbers have increased markedly, violate the total number of bias incidents has remained relatively low, than in 2008 slightly decreased, the SOP (standard operating procedure), on the training and implementation of regulatory policy has achieved remarkable results.
Increase the daily supervision and inspection to enhance safety supervision
Daily supervision and inspection in production through continuous monitoring of the pilot run of the deviations, changes in the operating environment and the implementation of improvement measures will help pilots act according to manual, follow the manual procedures, flight operation in conformity with the relevant laws, regulations and regulatory requirements. To increase the intensity of supervision and inspection of the flight records for every pilot to establish security, including safety award, and QAR flight errors seriously exceeding limits, and violations of disciplinary standards of the style. Requirements per flight segment, Captain of each flight check out workers on a regular basis in the past, especially the recent safety record, understanding each pilot's technical ability to manipulate, regulations, CRM management abilities and style of flight, speculated that part of the pilots security trends, and to take measures in advance to prevent, a move that effectively enhance the security monitoring.
Also, for upgrade security management efforts, 2009, flight Department established and implementation three level security notices and security briefing, released 6 period "security management notices", and 19 period "flight department security information management notices", and 21 period "security tips" and 18 period "security briefing", further smooth has security information channel, strengthening has flight risk management, improve has pilots of security consciousness.
Intensive flight training, consolidate security infrastructure
As a "manual for pilots", has strong business skills and overall quality is the basis for pilot training, the business skills and overall quality inspection system is to upgrade. To this end, the flight rules pilots must undergo an annual 25 hours of refresher training and 8 hours of simulator training. Meanwhile, in pilot training and day-to-day assessment, strict implementation of the standard, strict technical control. Captain, to teachers and other key areas, strict implementation of standards, intercede to prevent wind.
2009 flight safety work remarkable flight safety 184610 hours, flight when the incident rate of 0, below appraisal value of 0.15 requirements was 0.325 million serious errors of the flight, below the index 0.36 requirements, pretty safe year.
Said Dooley, Vice President of flight, "the manual pilot" ultimate aim is for safety. In 2010, the flight will continue to do well in all aspects of the work, and continue to strengthen and promote the "manual pilot" building, in order to ensure the continued safe and solid foundation.