Fuzhou Shanghai daily class 14

Reporter lijinyangyongmin
Washington airline today started the new season. Yesterday, reporters learned that airlines adjust or increase flights to Fuzhou to Shanghai, today the number of flights will increase from prior to 12 daily flights to 14, including flights to Pudong airport is 5 flights, flying HongQiao airport is 9, flight time from 7:50 A.M. until 10 o'clock. Xiamen Airlines said, as the route continues to encryption, Fuzhou to Shanghai's Air Express is expected to form.
It is reported that after the Fuzhou Branch of Eastern Airlines announced, 28th of this month, the company will fly one daily flights to Fuzhou to Shanghai. 8th of this month, Xiamen Airlines has added 2 new flights from Fuzhou to Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Xiamen airlines 7 flights daily between Shanghai and Fuzhou.
Reporters learned last year when the new winter-spring season started, from Fuzhou to Shanghai Airlines load factor hit by the train, but the number of flights to Fuzhou Shanghai increased rather than decreased. Airlines flight encryption Shanghai Expo is not only valued passengers, from Fuzhou to Shanghai increased business flow is also valued.
Xinhua learned from the international airport of Fuzhou, Fuzhou will be positive for the major airlines support additional air express dedicated lanes at airport terminals and lounges, and strive to open air express from Fuzhou to Shanghai in the first half.
It is reported that, although as the World Expo approaches, Fuzhou, Shanghai, ticket prices will rise, but if booked in advance, you can still buy cheap ticket on this route.
In addition to Shanghai Airlines, Singapore Airlines, airlines are also encrypted the flights of other airlines. For example, on April 6, Fuzhou, Shenzhen Airlines will increase flights to Tokyo on March 28 Fuzhou, Xiamen Airlines has increased flights to Beijing in April, plans new "Fuzhou-Shenzhen-Haikou" routes; 5 July plan opened "Hohhot, Fuzhou-Changsha-" routes, "Fuzhou-Nanchang-Urumqi" route and the "Fuzhou-Kunming-Nanning" routes