Ready to civil aviation flights in summer and autumn seasons

Summer and fall of 2010 season ready to China civil aviation flight season, flight plans will be implemented on March 28, 2010 to October 30, 2010. Compared with the 2009-10 season in winter and spring, summer and fall of 2010 season schedules for several prominent changes:
1, in order to further regulate the airlines, flights and time management, decentralization, management at different levels, ensuring distribution transparency and efficient use of resources, and promoting the development of air transport, civil aviation authority currently only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou route approved by management at three major airports, imposed on flights flights from other airports according to the registration records. In more than more than 160 non-regulated airports the airlines according to the registration procedure, as appropriate, on its own by the airline flights or encryption.
2, actual domestic airlines to arrange and prepare new point of departure involved in Fuyang, Qiqihar, Foshan, Ordos, Anshan airports such as Beijing, Shanghai, Urumqi, Qingdao, Sanya airport between flights. While in Chongqing, Nanchang, Ganzhou-operating-(round trip) on market practice is a good extension, such as increasing the density of the flight.
This season in new international routes 3, 35, a new point of departure involved in Bangalore, Karaganda, suratthani, Danang, Auckland, Brisbane, and so on.
According to scheduled flight plans, summer and fall of 2010 season 25 passenger airlines scheduled domestic flights of civil aviation 40125 weekly; 3527 weekly scheduled international routes flight, navigable countries, 54, navigable city 118; 39 cities in the Mainland and Hong Kong/Macau per week arrangement between 1110 flights; city, with 29 destinations with Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport arranged flights on a regular basis.