Border five measures of Fuzhou airport convenience

Yesterday (29) rainy day Changle Airport West, a TransAsia Airways plane carrying 172 passengers flight 11:30 took off, to Taipei's Sungshan airport, Fuzhou Changle airport ushered in a spring peak in advance. December 18, 2008, Fuzhou-Taipei since the realization of direct air, this route became popular on both sides of the route. It is reported that sent 57812 passengers in Fuzhou to Taipei last year, including exit 28882 immigration 28930, grew 50% compared with 2008.
Fuzhou Airport border station site service command center duty staff Jenny Huang in accept reporter interview Shi said, this year spring during by Changle airport access of min Taiwan folks will than last year growth 8 times times, to ensure spring during passenger smooth clearance, Fuzhou Airport border station recently launched has five items convenience measures, relies on "border instructor" system, ahead of and linked of travel agency and airlines contact, understand Festival during to Taiwan tour team of scheduled, and tickets pre-sale and flights deployment of dynamic, ensure spring peak distribution foot border personnel, Full identification of the channel.
Entry-exit the Airport border inspection functions of system upgrades, improved speed of passenger for the inspection.
According to reports, the airport checkpoint team travel network will continue inspection and appointment customs passage methods, save you inspection time, and depending on the old, the weak, the sick and other emergency groups real needs, opened a private channel, and full support services. From the Xiamen airlines between two flights a week, increasing Taiwan TransAsia Airways round-trip flight two, Fuzhou-Taipei flights increase significantly. On October 25 last year, Xiamen Airlines flights two or four, five days a week between Taipei and Fuzhou, TransAsia Airways flights one or three or five, days per week between Taipei and Fuzhou, Fuzhou Changle Airport now has 16 flights a week between Fuzhou and Taipei. At the end of February, Taiwan Eva Airways will launch flights from Fuzhou to Taoyuan.