Create new year's transportation safety shield

Civil Aviation resource NET, December 28, 2009: new year's day is approaching, China Southern Airlines Company Limited (China Southern Airlines Company Limited, hereinafter referred to as "Southern") cargo Department to ensure the safety of cargo during the Festival, early, early arrangements, actual conditions, arrangements for new year's safety during transport. Request shippers to further enhance responsibility, ideas in place, arrangements are in place, to build six measures, new year's safety shield:
Is the cargo collection and security, ensure the safety of cargo air. Including the specification of goods, mail collection operations, ensure that match name of goods, packaged well, documents are submitted 100% for cargo and mail security checks and increased ****** trace detectors to check the suspected goods, and 24-hour monitoring of Guangzhou cargo terminal area, to and from the region implemented strict check of personnel, goods and vehicles to ensure safe operation area.
Second, strict customs cargo weight, ensure accurate loading and stowage. A strict implementation of two complex points, three reviews, clearing and inspection and loading unloading supervision system, ensure the accuracy of cargo weight and capacity to strengthen cargo complex lb pull weight and weight monitoring, and VIP flights, connecting and change monitoring flight checks, checking for balance checking, no overload, implicit load to ensure transport safety.
Third, upgrade the vehicle maintenance and driver safety education to ensure traffic safety on the ground. Vehicles, equipment management and use Division to do maintenance, eliminating safety risks; enhanced driver safety education, implement, equipment check the system before starting the car, follow the control vehicle regulations, put an end to illegal driving; special vehicles operating under strict implementation of secondary and special command.
Four is strengthening the management of agents, moving security barrier. Strengthening the supervision and management of sales and service agents on the ground, urging its strict compliance with the relevant security provisions set out in the agency agreement responsibilities and obligations, will move before the security barrier; ground agent and overseas offices to strengthen communication and coordination, increasing the density of field visits, and ensure that responsibilities are put in place.
Five is close attention to freighter operation, enhanced cargo aircraft support capability. Random business cargo security departments developed a rigorous random business security processes to ensure that cargo security in order, production of freighters balanced maps and can be arranged in a timely manner. Handling sector also increased cargo operator business skills training seriously in the cargo hold operation, fully familiar with the various types of cargo cargo operation.
Six is the strict implementation of the duty system, ensuring information channels. Shift leader combined with winter flight characteristics, do a follow up work of the flight change information, strictly implement the shift system, eliminate the load caused by the information out of inconsistent response delay happens.